I Can Sign My Name, But Not With My Left Hand

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the day flies by and sometimes it drags? Time isn’t moving at a different speed, but the approach you are taking to complete your activities definitely effects your energy level and how you perceive time.

There are some tasks and activities that we enjoy, are good at, and that leave us feeling ready to take on the world. Then there are those never-ending tasks that tax your nerves, drain your energy, and make time drag. When time flies, it is probably because you are using talents or skills that come naturally. Under these circumstances, success comes easily and your confidence is boosted.

I like to demonstrate this idea with my clients by having them do a handwriting activity. You can do it right now. Pull out a piece of paper and sign your name with your dominant hand. Easy, right? You probably didn’t even think about how to do it because it’s second nature.

Now, sign your name again, only this time use your non-dominant hand. What words come to mind to describe this experience? Most people describe it as frustrating, messy, and slow-going. The outcome is the same- you signed your name- but the experience is very different. Why?

The answer is your natural wiring and innate gifts. I am right-handed and naturally inclined to use my right hand to sign my name. Even though I could learn to write with my left hand, it would probably never be as effortless and legible as writing in a way that is natural for me.

When I work with coaching clients, I use the same approach. The Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment, allows me to help the client create strategies that resonate with them, not worrying about how others might approach the problem. This technique doesn’t give anyone an “out” to avoid things that they don’t enjoy, but need to accomplish. It does, however, allow them the freedom to handle challenges in a way that is instinctive and efficient for them.

For example, I have clients who worry if “Achiever” is not listed as a Top Talent on their report. Sometimes they resist and tell me that they are a high performer, that they get things done, so clearly there must be a mistake. I explain that Achievers are people who are wired to get things done for the sake of completion. Being an Achiever is a fantastic trait and one that when is channeled correctly can really help someone stand out.

However, if you don’t have Achiever (I don’t) it doesn’t mean you don’t get thing done, it means you have a different driving force for completing activities. Maybe you are high in Responsibility which means that if you give your word to do something, you can’t NOT follow through. Or maybe you are high Woo (Winning Others Over) and you are motivated by pleasing other people.

My point is that as individuals we aren’t wired the same and we don’t have to approach tasks using the same methods or motivation in order to our goals. The knowledge you gain by understanding how to approach your goals deliberately from a place of strength will allow you to meet your objectives more efficiently and in a way that you leaves you energized at the end of the day.

Would you like to learn more about the Gallup Strengths Assessment and how it can benefit you, your team, or even your family? I use a strength- based foundation for my coaching practice and facilitate Strength Based Team Workshops all over the US and Canada. Give me a call today and Let’s Illuminate Your Possibilities! 505-490-3597, staging.smartpossibilities.net, or [email protected]

“Pari is one of the top coaches in the industry. As a manager, I’ve used her many times to aid in the development of my employee’s. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and just plain fun. I guarantee you won’t find anyone more effective than Pari with Smart Possibilities.”

-Nic W., Lenexa, Kansas

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