Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

In my first contact with Pari, I knew we were a good fit. I sought help when I found myself on a career path that was depleting my energy and my health. Pari was genuinely interested in me and what I wanted. She took the time to help me learn who I was, define where I wanted to go, and had the tools to make it happen. Most of all, she helped me understand how and why my current path was not a good fit for me.
Pari helped me learn my areas of strength and how they tailor my thinking. This knowledge made it easier to course correct and helped me make decisions more closely aligned with my passion. Hiring Pari as my coach was the best decision I have ever made. I am now crafting a career, and life, that leaves me feeling fulfilled, happy and “on-purpose.”

Virginia Wygal

I Highly Recommend Pari!

Pari Smart was the guest speaker at our P.E.O. Reciprocity meeting. She was very enthusiastic with lots of positive energy & ideas! I highly recommend Pari!

Karen Engemann Pickerell

Exceeded all expectations

Pari is an amazing presenter. She exceeded all expectations!

Angie Tillery

This is a great service and enjoyable experience

This is a great service and enjoyable experience. You learn more about yourself and opportunities to reframe your thoughts and perceptions and sooo much more! I would recommend this service to everyone. Thank you!!!

Tina Hunter

Thank you Pari, you are amazing!

Working with Pari has been such an enjoyable experience. Not only did we have a lot of fun, I learned so much about myself along the way. I have become a better leader because I understand myself and others so much more.

Dorothy Thompson

Simply a Pleasure

I have had the pleasure of having Pari facilitate team StrengthFinder workshops. Pari is excellent at communicating, being engaged and motivating a room. I’ve also had Pari help evaluate strengths when dealing with a challenging situation to help understand the best approach to address with others. Pari knows StrengthFinders and helps everyone she comes into contact with understand how to maximize and take full advantage of what they inherently do well.

Catie Williams

I learned so much about my family

My husband, adult children, and their spouses attended a coaching session with Pari. After 33 years of marriage and raising 3 children we all felt like we knew one another pretty well; however, we learned that there was a deeper level of understanding to explore. I learned so much about how my husband hears my words and interprets my actions and the results shed light on how we can better connect with each other and our family.

Cindy Beckowitz

Pari has SAVED me from myself!

Not only do I have a clearer understanding of my strengths, I feel like I finally have permission to let go of traits that are at the bottom of my strengths list that I often spend too much time trying to improve. I instantly felt more energized and motivated because the weight of that burden was lifted.

Katelyn Morley-Cartwright Johnston

Pari doesn’t just provide you with an answer.

You leave understanding the how and why behind who you are! After completing a strengths coaching session with Pari, I’ve never been the same. Seriously. My confidence is through the roof, and I am able to relate more effectively with those around me. It’s truly opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me. Pari is an incredibly passionate coach who is truly invested in helping others understand what makes them tick! She is then able to help you focus your energy on how to make that work best for you! HIGHLY recommend!

Susanna Escobar

Pari was truly a godsend during a tumultuous time

I had just started working with her when my position was eliminated at my company. She helped me discover and leverage my strengths during both the interview process and as I began my new role. I continue to use the mental toolkit she helped me develop every day.

Carly S.

Great StrengthsFinder

Pari’s knowledge of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder program has personally helped me guide my career…She asked leading questions that led to actionable tasks that will allow me to pursue my goals actively and with confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Pari Smart.

Randy Porter

I would, without a doubt, recommend Pari Smart

I would, without a doubt, recommend Pari Smart to anyone who wants to further their professional or personal development. Pari has helped me out a ton in advancing my career. As someone with no real formal management training, I do not believe I would be in the position I am today without her guidance.
Everything from talking through difficult employee conversations to big picture planning, Pari has been a huge asset to my life and I very much look forward to our future coaching sessions.

Jordan Smith

Pari is one of the top coaches in the industry…

As a manager, I’ve used her many times to aid in the development of my employee’s. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and just plain fun. I guarantee you won’t find anyone more effective than Pari with Smart Possibilities.

Nic Winkler

Discovering the talents that make me “me”…

Meeting with Pari, discovering the innate talents that make me “me,” and learning how to capitalize on those strengths, has been a truly freeing experience.

Autumn Wilder

Changed my entire outlook…

I took the (Clifton Strengths) Assessment with Pari Smart and it was life-altering. It has changed my entire outlook on how to interact with clients and how I handle my business. I highly recommend Pari.

Iris Williams

Pari is a great instructor

She is always positive and full of energy which translate into great training sessions. I have relied on Pari’s expertise in one on one coaching sessions when I needed to handle situations on my team and get some guidance when handling my coaching sessions with employees. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.

William McKay

I loved working with Pari

I couldn’t imagine anyone more passionate about her career. She is energetic, poignant, and talented. Her presentation is engaging, and I still utilize the skills learned from Pari just about every day. In fact, I still keep my top 5 on my desk!

Keith Rasmussen
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