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Founded in the tenets of positive psychology, Pari Smart helps individuals set goals, create positive habits, and break down the mental barriers that hold them back from reaching their highest level of success.

Positive Psychology

At Smart Possibilities, we aren’t interested in “fixing” you. Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing by creating a paradigm shift and focusing on what is "right" with people.

Coaching Services

Our specialties include helping others build personal resilience, increasing their attention and focus through mindfulness, and making healthy choices for sustainable habit change.


We've gathered some great resources to help enhance both your personal and professional growth. Check out links to free articles and resources as well as recommended products.

You deserve the chance to flourish, the chance to thrive, and the chance to live your best possible life.

~ Pari Smart

Real Success Stories
From Real Clients

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

In my first contact with Pari, I knew we were a good fit. I sought help when I found myself on a career path that was depleting my energy and my health. Pari was genuinely interested in me and what I wanted. She took the time to help me learn who I was, define where I wanted to go, and had the tools to make it happen. Most of all, she helped me understand how and why my current path was not a good fit for me.
Pari helped me learn my areas of strength and how they tailor my thinking. This knowledge made it easier to course correct and helped me make decisions more closely aligned with my passion. Hiring Pari as my coach was the best decision I have ever made. I am now crafting a career, and life, that leaves me feeling fulfilled, happy and “on-purpose.”

Virginia Wygal

Pari is one of the top coaches in the industry…

As a manager, I’ve used her many times to aid in the development of my employee’s. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and just plain fun. I guarantee you won’t find anyone more effective than Pari with Smart Possibilities.

Nic Winkler

Pari doesn’t just provide you with an answer.

You leave understanding the how and why behind who you are! After completing a strengths coaching session with Pari, I’ve never been the same. Seriously. My confidence is through the roof, and I am able to relate more effectively with those around me. It’s truly opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me. Pari is an incredibly passionate coach who is truly invested in helping others understand what makes them tick! She is then able to help you focus your energy on how to make that work best for you! HIGHLY recommend!

Susanna Escobar

Explore Your Possibilities

Coaching is Available In-Person and Online

 Pari Smart is Certified as an Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, Organizational Mindfulness Strategist, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Clifton Strengthfinders Coach, and Health & Wellness Coach. She offers one-time consultations and well-being packages.
Reach out today and let’s uncover your possibilities.

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