Does drama drive you crazy? Do you find yourself so put off by drama that you just can’t do your best work?

If so, you may have Harmony as a dominant talent in your Clifton StrengthFinders Talent DNA

Hi, it’s Pari with Smart Possibilities – helping you discover your strengths and leverage your possibilities!

Today, I want to share with you a quick tip about the talent called harmony. Now, folks high in harmony make their best decisions when they’re in a drama-free environment. This is great because they’re good decision makers, and they’re really good at bringing folks together.

The challenge can arise when drama sneaks into the environment. This causes them stress.

Let me ask if this has ever happened to you – You’ve been at a meeting where a conversation starts to get heated, and the drama level rises. Maybe you’re high in harmony, and that makes you uncomfortable. So, you just back up and say: “You know what? Let’s let somebody else deal with this.” In that the situation, it’s a typical response.

But, others may see you as passive. Another typical response is to rush right in and crush everybody! Just get rid of the drama immediately! Again, a typical response from someone with harmony. But, folks may walk away feeling like you’re kind of aggressive.

So, here’s your tip for success: If you are high-harmony, you need to understand is that other folks aren’t going to see the drama quite as quickly as you do. So don’t panic! Step back and take a deep breath. Then use your negotiation and collaboration skills to bring folks together and solve the drama in a way that’s going to leave you looking like a leader; and not somebody who’s overreacting.

I hope that you have enjoyed this talent tip. Thanks for stopping by.

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