Do you like to win? Do you get a burst of energy from reaching the bar of excellence? Are you wondering why everyone isn’t driven to be the best?

If you have Competition in your Clifton StrengthFinders Top 5, you’ll want to check out this video to ensure you are leveraging the power of this talent.

Hi! It’s Pari Smart with Smart Possibilities, here to help you discover your strengths and leverage your possibilities. Now, are you somebody who likes to win? I mean, really likes to win?

Maybe you experienced a burst of adrenaline every time you know you’ve reached that bar of excellence. You may be thinking – “Well, Pari, isn’t that everybody? What makes me so different?” But, what the Clifton StrengthFinders Assessment tells us is that if you have competition in your top 5 that inner drive, or, that inner push to win, is actually going to be much stronger in you than in the rest of us.

Now, as a manager I’ll tell you that I love to have folks on my team high in competition because I know they’re going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The challenge, however, that some of these people have is that in their push to win and their push to look like a superstar they end up leaving other members of the team in the dust. That can really hurt team morale.

So, if you’re high competition, here is your success strategy for the week: What I want you to do is take a look around and find some opportunities to lead. Now, this could be an informal opportunity or a formal opportunity: but, once you find your opportunity I want you to then do a deliberate inventory of the strengths of everybody on your team and combine that with your drive to win. What you’ll find is that you’re going to get over the finish line more effectively, more efficiently, and just as importantly, as a team.

Thanks for reading this week’s success tip. I hope you found it interesting, and I’d love to hear about your experiences with competition so please feel free to leave some comments below. If you have questions on how to leverage this talent, I’d be happy to answer those as well. Have a great week!

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