Do you have an employee who seems way too happy? Or, maybe you are the positive team member who hears that “No one can be that happy?”

Join Pari Smart of Smart Possibilities as she explains how to use your Positivity talent to your advantage.

Hi! It’s Pari Smart with Smart Possibilities, helping you to discover your strengths and leverage your possibilities.

I’m doing some coaching in Bloomington, Indiana, today; and I had a manager who came in because she had a problem with an employee. The problem she had was that her employee was just way too happy!

Now, when I asked her what the problem with that was she said, “Pari, I don’t know what he’s hiding. But, nobody’s wired to be that happy all the time. There’s something going on.”

I had to laugh, because, you know if you’re wired high positivity that’s probably a comment you’ve heard, too. “You just can’t be that happy – you must be faking something!” Or, “Maybe you don’t understand the gravity of the situation.”

I had to explain to the manager that, indeed, some people really are wired to be that happy! Those folks normally have positivity in their top 5.

Now, the great thing about having positivity in your top 5 is that you are normally the person who can always see the silver lining in any sort of business challenge the team is facing. And, you always know right what to say to push people forward.

Now, we want to make sure that when you are using your positivity to push the team forward they don’t fall into that trap of thinking maybe you don’t get it, or, your pie-in-the-sky.

So, you might want to phrase your comment along the lines of: “Wow! I know we’re having a lot of conflict right now, but I know we can work through it because of this.”

Or, maybe you even tie your comment back to another situation, or another time, when the team was in conflict and they were able to power through. When you do that, you’re careful to phrase your positive comments and help motivate the team. What happens then is that they will see your enthusiasm as genuine, and based in reality. Not that your head is in the clouds and that you’re naive.

If there’s any way I can help you understand how to leverage your possibilities, or any of your other talents, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m Pari Smart, helping you discover your strengths and leverage your possibilities.

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