I was talking to a prospective client last week and sharing my new client process with him. I explained that I use the StrengthFinders Assessment as a starting point for my coaching sessions so that we are able to create an individualized plan to more effectively and more efficiently help him reach his objectives. He asked me point blank, “Why should I hire you if I can take the assessment on my own?”  In other words, why did he need a coach?
Everybody needs a coach. We don’t ask athletes or sports teams to prepare for the match or the game without working with a coach.   We don’t look down on singing sensations who openly hire a vocal coach.  And what does it take besides talent and hard work to stay on Hollywood’s A-List? An acting coach, of course. In fact, some stars even take their coaches to the film set for immediate feedback on their performance.
If the top athletes, actors, and vocalists hire coaches to help them reach their potential, why wouldn’t everyone benefit from that same experience?
When you hire an experienced and credible coach, you add an important player to your team.  A player that brings unique skills, that when coupled with your ability to think, problem-solve, and plan, can help you recognize a higher level of success than you can on your own. Your coach is there to
  1. Help you recognize the potential of new perspectives.
  2. Ask you the hard questions and tell you the hard truth.
  3. Hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.
  4. Teach you new techniques. Yes, sometimes, clients ask for the benefit of my expertise in handling leadership challenges. At that point, I take off my coaching hat, put on my training hat, and share leadership best-practices from my training workshop.
It’s true that your can take the Strength Finders on your own and it’s a great place to start.  But, when you’re ready to leverage your possibilities and reach the potential that is truly yours, remember- Everybody needs a coach.

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